Sunday, 15 March 2015

Back Log...

Sat 14th Mar 2015 (Update)...

Hopefully, I'll be doing updates, which shall be a review of things for this blog.

For now, I looked at the blogs posts not shown and it goes back to the end of last year.

We're in the third month of this year.

Will I be posting them soon...?
I tried posting each day at 10am, but I couldn't keep up with them.
This is because they weren't finished, and I would have to add something to them. 

Most of the time, they wouldn't work they way I wanted, so it would go over working time.

Then there was times, I couldn't edit them or add anything, because it kept not responding to what I wanted to do. These times, right...?

I find an disadvantage and advantage when these moment happen.

The disadvantage...
1. It creates a back log of blog posts, that I may not see (like now) for three months *small laugh*. You see...?

2. It may not go in time with what I truly would like to showcase. So, it may jumble it a bit, and when I look back at them, I will get confused. Bad times.

An advantage...
1. More creative ideas. So, I see this at times, when I may not have an idea on what to post.

2. A look back of what I have that can be showcased. I look at what I have. Then it makes it even more fun, to share with you.

I share what I have for the viewers and readers, to allow things to be read or seen. It's a part of starting a blog for me.

Freedom in a way, of your own little space. If you understand, it's alright if it's not. We learn something new each day.

So, I took a breather and, I shall post them when things work and to how I would enjoy them, to allow you to enjoy them with me too.

Anyway, back log post over.

Take care,
P.s - always feel free to share your blog, comment and follow this blog.

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