Friday, 9 June 2017


I put the date, and I'm set.

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Lately I've been feeling to write. Just a reminder like today, or just things to get out my head.
I wrote of yesterday today, a movie that came on early night, my creation I did in a game, etc.

I've been willing to write again!
Picking up a pen, and placing it on paper, the ink to write about anything, or draw a little of something. I am writing again!

I don't know whether to mention, but a fellow blogger of mine has too - FAITHFULLYCAROLYN [link]. Feel free to check out their blog.


Before, I could NOT remember to write anything. It all went in lists, dates, or appointments on a calendar.
That sort of writing, stresses me out so much.

Just like a blog, I could write, of course say so much. But just like myself, I have a concentration span like a noodle. Twirled up in how many things at once, than focusing. Just. On. One. Thing.
No worries, I know why now. Dyslexia.

As I end this blog post, do you ever write? Do you feel like writing? When was the last time you did?
Many ques in one, but a answer is limitless...for some things. Ha.

Take care, and be sure to comment, only if you'd like to.

Take care again,

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