Friday, 28 October 2016

Trying To Explain (UGHHH)


The last writing, I did a little summary of why I'm busy. It wasn't clear.

So, in the UK, there is people who asses you on, whether you're well or not, its nice to be able to see if people ARE fit for work, or not.

They're are three, no worrying.
Fit for work
Fit for work - tailored (ha)
Not fit for work

I'm the middle one, declares fit for work, but with illnesses accounted, so the employer NEESS to tailor - allow changes in the workplace for me. So, I'm able to do work, but only what I am able to do.

Sounds pretty easy...but I know not all employers do this. Well, by law, they HAVE to.

By law, not everyone us well. Not everyone is hunky-dory. So, why not...?

To say so, my disability is not visual. My migraines, occur now when they would like to. My depression, and "welcome" anxiety - I have not said this, but I suffer with this now, diagnosed - it affects my day-to-day whatever's. So, why not employer...?

Of course, I'm not happy with this, but I'm settling with their thoughts of me. Not my problem for the decision, but I just hope I get time to myself to - as in, to get better soon hopefully. I don't like being rushed at the moment.

My health is not a rush and all one. I have to take time, and consider things.
Obviously I would work if these issues were not here, I LOVR the world of work...but not right now.

I want people to be happy, have a good experience and just feel uplifted from services, to employees/colleagues too...I can't bring that right now.
I'm in a shell.

Take care, hope thus explains more to what's happening. Plus, I'm still searching work. Yes, my brain is not coping to well, along with panicking and crying to be totally honest. But...phfft.


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