Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lifestyle: WORK ETHNIC


"* if I were to explain my work ethnic, it would be at my own pace
- reasons: Health
- checked by a boss/or self-employed??"

Looking through my notes I found this, and just laughed (a little) to myself. I was actually thinking about this, so here is myself sharing this.

As I said previous post [http://postingvprojects.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/lifestyle-its-difficult-still.html?m=1], "I'm not a well bunny" and vise blah, blah.

This does effect the way I work, and (if) I was able to work. I'm not going to lie, but I honestly wish I could work.

I miss earning now, I miss interaction and I just miss going outside, going somewhere and actually getting fresh air (not that I DON'T) and scenery seeing. I miss it so much.

I love seeing people going to work. But not going to lie, but some do not have smiles on their faces. And I'm going to say/mention, that that's not what life is about to me.

You should feel happy, and feel like you can have fun, than force yourself TO have fun. It does take a lot to learn that.

Don't say that life is too short, but it is. Like they say, "do what makes you feel happy", but I wouldn't say that. I take the fun approach and something enjoyable that let's me look back and say, "yes, I did that".

Is it that scary...?

There's someone else that wants to do that your doing. That makes it nicer in a way, than you having to stay there. So what if you don't like your job?! when was the last time you looked for a job?

Anyway, enough!!

My work ethnic is working hard, but when it comes to my "unexpected" downtime, I can get frustrated easily.

But I learnt, I need to step back, and ACTUALLY get myself better again which may take effort, but sometimes it can't be helped.

So, enjoy yourself and your life. Apart from believers, it's a blessing whether it's liked or not.

Take care,

P.S - added note. It may be that the job is liked, but may have troublesome others, or something else. Just a thought. **thinking cap**

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