Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I didn't get to blog yesterday (03/05/2016, TUE), just because I was busy. Yes I went outdoors, but it was meant to be one thing to pick up, but who knows about the rest.

I got stressed, and confused yesterday which was upsetting (brain wise). I just thought to say.

Anyway, to speak of yesterday, it can be annoying when there's unexpected things to do, but that's what happens. It is distressing, not to lie. But it needs a way to be dealt with.

Also, I was planning late at night, to do an IF dream trip to Japan. As reports showed from April, they had an earthquake [LINK:]. It is distressing too. Although, I'm thinking whether to do it or not.

However, peace and love to them, and I do hope they take care. It's disheartening when these events happen.

So, here's a little of what happened yesterday.

Take care always,

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