Saturday, 19 March 2016

No More Schedule Posts...?


For the coming days, I shall be more "personal" with posts.

I schedule posts to have a set time and date, for others to view at that very time or day.

Although this is good to set a blog post, it helped to not do it on the day. However, it felt like I wasn't really engaging with my blog. It felt like clockwork, than to sit there and say what I did on that day.

If it makes sense.

Early Morning Of Inspiration:
This was a thought in the early morning.
I wanted to start blogging, to document the things I did or do. To allow a place, to read back and maybe correct my spelling, or sentences from years a go (I kept and keep diaries...collection over haul).

So, I'm going back to basics, and to start documenting, in a way, again. This felt like I kept track of my blog posts (before with my blogging).

For a bonus, at the time I made my blog public. I made my blog public, for people to view, but also to not feel alone in their feelings or any situation, they may be in.

God bless for 'Silence The Stigma' [link]. Reading their blog, helps me feel less alone with my thoughts.

So, I leave you with what I did today.

Today (it may not be set out like this all the time):

- I came up with new blog posts in the early morning, and I'm going back to basics with my blog.

To document, and make it "natural"/original to the correct purpose why I started blogging (it shall have all the posts you see at the moment, with maybe behind the scenes what makes my blog, or so). Feel free to say what you think about this.

- I cried of the troubles of today.

1. It shows how much I care for people, and the world

2. These problems have been going on since where is the change of today?

That was my thought, and has been my thought. Since childhood, CHILDHOOD!
These are mistakes of the present, to the beginning of something new...? Please make a difference, PLEASE!!!

- I shall be making titles, and description of blog posts.

This shall involve sharing my ideas as little as to what I would like to blog. I would like to showcase them to the you, because it is what makes my blog. It lights me up (encourages) to keep blogging, (along with your help to make it beyond what I could imagine coming from it). So, this shall be coming soon.

- I got to vacuum today.
I say this because I have not been able to do this, or such things lately. Lately, when I go to do anything, my headaches take over, and I feel sluggish, tired and dizzy. That's why I've been thanking each day since.

** Saying dizzy, I found a nurses note from secondary school, dated from 2014. I didn't know I was suffering from headaches then (that year).

Design Wise:

- latest designs have been "God Bless" graphics.

I made them today, and shall be sharing them soon on my art page (

I created them, because it is a saying you may hear, get in a card or just say on a daily basics. 

As for me, I thank everything, and things that happen. 

In any situation, it can not be helped what happens, it's what we choose to do about it.

I do hope this blog post is not too much. But I would like to know if the scheduled blogs were better, or is this the original way to go for my blog. 
Feel free to let me know.

Thank you if you read this far.

Planned Posts (and Others):

- Preview: Jun/Jul 2015 (Collection), available on my YouTube channel, xImmortalMindsx [link]

- Versatile Blogger Award (yep, been nominated), from the lovely basciallychole [link], thank you!

- Selection Of The Collection, or Introduction: the tshirt club (Pr2), [blog link]

Plus, I'm starting to write posts down (except this one, lolls). It makes it easier to re-read, plan posts and allow a copy I guess.

That's all for now.
Hopefully relaxing after this. My head is about to do its thing (headache, on).

Anyway, take care,
Posting V Projects

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