Thursday, 11 February 2016

Lifestyle: BAD DREAMS

Lifestyle: BAD DREAMS
Mostly this week I've been having bad dreams. Not pleasant.

However, they seem to have good endings I guess. For me anyway, but weirdly in a way.

They are mostly action dreams, and first person dreams, to dreams that may not make sense. But they seemed real.

I started to understand yesterday, that they end goodly enough. But I also found they weren't real, for example, I'm about to wake up, and realise the dream wasn't real. It's like, I did know I was sleeping, but because of so much things happening, or what was happening, they seemed real.

Lifestyle: BAD DREAMS #2

I really would NEVER want them to be real. Other than this, it may be believed that dreams do have a meaning...and I do believe this, but I have not found the solutions yet. I really do not want to "relive" (think again/over) these dreams. They're too bad.

If you would like to hear about these dreams, then feel free to comment your thought.

Anyway, may you take care, and either you believe or not, but blessings for good dreams for you.

Take care,

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