Saturday, 24 October 2015


Features within the video.
Edited With: PicsArt

...well today goes to editing and re-uploading DESIGN: HALLOWEEN WEDDING [POST LINK] [VIDEO LINK].

I allowed myself to spend the day, doing my best to allow the image(s), to look better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I edited how I would have liked, but exporting it, into an actual video, made it less viewable, however I'm lucky to add description. It. Looked. Awful.

Throughout it, the designs came out better than I thought of.
I love the stories/concept behind them (Halloween 2 - The Story [link]), and to have them now shared in time, before Halloween is a blessing. Thank you Lord.

Being a pain that the video yesterday, didn't come out how I would have liked it to, the details (text) and some images, came up better in the video RE-UPLOADED [link].

Feel free to have a view. Thank you.

Take care for now, xImmortalMindsx
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