Wednesday, 30 September 2015


As some of you may know, it begins tomorrow. [Text jump? Blogger...? Tut]

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This is a short video for '31 Days Of Halloween'.

I really hope it goes well, nervous as anything. So here is the video link [here] and feel free to view.

Check back tomorrow, for the latest of Day 1, for the '31 Days...' Challenge.
Good luck to me, God blessing.

Later Today:
- Appreciation: Beau Bloggers [link], (1 year anniversary tribute post)

Campaign Link: [link]
* this campaign, is a fundraiser with this challenge

* (need to remember to showcase this too. Never know, unless I try). - On Campaign

* (need to remember it's a challenge) - On '31 Days Of Halloween'

* (I know it won't, but hopes) - On '31 Days Of Halloween', going well

Take care for now,
Posting V Projects
Plus/p.s - if you would like to, you can feel free to get involved with this challenge.

Few Things:
- Feedback
- Favourites From Halloween
- Favourite Halloween things
- Crafts
- Favourite Halloween Clothing, Costumes, Make Up, etc.

And anything, Halloween themed.

Thank you a lot. Take care again, again.
[Feel free to comment below/contact (page, click home, at the top - select 'Contact')]

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