Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Appreciation: Beau Bloggers

Beau Bloggers Logo
This September 2015, is the first anniversary of Beau Bloggers [link].

If you have, or have not heard of Beau Bloggers [link], it is a community featured on Google plus [link].

I am apart of this community, and they're all, ALL so lovely.
So, to say short hand, you can feel willing to join. 

It was created by Lauren [link] [link, fashion], and set with Izzy K [link] [link, review].
To say, anyone who's a Blogger, love blogs, wanting to build an audience, etc., can join. No matter who you may be, or what you like, you can join.

I feel free to say, I love this community. They're so down to Earth, or whether their flying, they've helped my blog A LOT. Just to know, and collab with the community, is great.

Thank you Beau Bloggers.

You've made blogging so wonderful for me, especially again. Lolls.

Take care,

P.s - right now, we have 63-64  members. It's incredible from 3 members, last year :).


  1. It's amaazing how far we've gotten. What a lovely post. I'm really sorry I didn't get organized for us to celebrate 1 year, went back to school and it's been hectic but I won't let it go!

  2. True, and it's OK. Still have time to celebrate and treasure one year, and it's your creation, YOU did it and it's truly flourished. I do hope however, that your new school days, especially last year (woop, woop) for school goes well for you. Trust me, a lot of work, but it's fun subjects. Really hoping the best for your school work, and personal work (blogging to community). Take care.

  3. I love the beau bloggers so much being a part of the community is lovely. Great post! x

    1. Thats very true. And thank you very much, may you take care :)