Friday, 4 September 2015

Looking Back (Blog View)

I was looking what my blog contains, by subjects.

Although, looking back, it did bring back memories in way. I say in a way because, I don't remember them at all - maybe jokes.

By the way, thank you many for your support. It really does mean a lot to me. I honestly didn't expect this much help, to any views really. 
The past, now 3 years, have been hard, to great.
I've truly been meaning to do a post, on why it has been. However, I've "brushed slightly" on the subject before, so I may post about it when I'm ready.

From viewing past posts, the way I spoke then, to the contents that I do, I really didn't know I spoke and shared things like that.

It makes me view myself as a different person, (and the content then looked greater than now, do you think so?).
This no review post, but I'd like to do one. And I honestly won't say, it's a "growing in wisdom thing", cause it is obvious, but I view this for myself (lolls).

I find it emotional, but some may not say why. This makes me grow in strength, to happiness.

This is what I wanted to do, and by
 to others. If anything, it may allow them not to feel alone or so.

Anyway, the sharing which I should have done earlier. These are the selective (in a way):

YT (YouTube) ~
This is what I need to do more. My favourites, to finds.

The Blog Share Tag ~
Done by +Professional Daydreamer [blog link].
This tag made me realise, what I truly would like from blogging.

Avatars (Blog Post, Before Blog) ~
I've loved doing these since...I guess I looked for it. Ha. I would love to do more again.
Sites: eLouai [link], and much more

Pr4, Living, Writing + Posting [Previous Post]  ~
(I number projects). This is one I will have to do more, when able. It features journals and diary, I've written to showcasing them. Part of the documentation, (to corrections).

So, what do you think? Do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on my blog? Feel free to say, in comment section (below).

Take care always, and thank you so much for the support.


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