Saturday, 26 September 2015

Calming Ones Self

Today, I'm not in the best of shapes greatly. Mentally, my mind is not in a good place right now.

Story goes, it's not my fault, but I can't help anymore. I tried, now I'm left with worthlessness.

I feel this, because I feel like a fool. Taken for granted, when others are meant to help in thoughts situations. But no, so I feel torn.

I felt like doing a post, to express how calm I'm trying to be, day 1.

What has helped: 
- telling someone
May not be face-to-face, but it helped

- save a draft
Whether be mail to send, text, notepad etc.

- write
Diary, writing book, digital, etc. it helps to clear the mind.

- post
Another format for readers, to my own self.

+ meditation, walks, and many more.

I feel more settled, but not mentally balanced yet. I know there's nothing that I can do, but this time, feeling worthlessness is not my wrong doing, it was of other people (not you of course, **smile**).

So, I'll do whatever I can to feel better. All I have to think, is that there are helpers, and things that can and will help me. I feel settled with this. Sleep helps too.

Take care readers + viewers,
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment so much. Thank you for the support also.

  2. I'm so sorry that you're going through a rough time at the moment. I love your determination though, I can tell that you're a positive person. If everything gets a bit too much at any point, please know that you can always message me and we can talk :) xxx

    1. Thank you, that's really kind of you. And I was, ha ha, but try to be again. But thank you for your comment, also yours is appericated, so always take care. And thanks again, it means so much to me truly.