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The Horror Of Keeping Up With Trends...

I created this blog post: 07/04/2015
Revisited: 08/2015

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For a person who loves seeing fashion to (freelance) designing it, throughout the years it can get a little boring.

I love fashion, but for inspiration and keeping up with fashion, most shops sell the same type of style. 

From this however, I love to see the shops make the style their own way, with a difference.

I love shops/shows such as:
- & Other Stories [Link]
- Gok's Fashion Fix (Came on Channel4)
- 10 Years Younger (Originally from Channel4)

And others.

They did DIY, made Outfits from selected clothing (repeat to create another style of outfit - mix and match), and they were on trend, but advised for key piece(s) clothing. Even all season clothing.

If you have an item in your wardrobe, always find a clothing/outfit to go with it for clothing shopping. Plus, find mix and match pieces with your outfit.

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- Fashion repeats itself. But may you keep on top of trends (hint for designers). Make it unique for yourself.

- Not every clothing, has to be brought for every season. Unless you know where you would like your good clothes (non-torn) to go, buying an outfit can be helpful, than one piece a lot of times.

I know most of us want to keep up with the latest trends. From this, there are good ways to do it, and bad ways to do it

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