Monday, 10 August 2015


On Friday, I had time to reflect on my life, (while washing up plates).

There's a little moment when, things are done or there are things to do, and the mind cools down to look at situations and maybe anything, to think about.

It can come out good or bad, but it can be a time to find a solution, even to a given goal that you can set yourself, or discuss with others.

I always choose to allow these moments to happen, because it cools down my brain (thoughts). It allows a clear understanding, of life now.

If I were to suggest it to anyone, they may think I'm bonkers. But it's not. It's slightly similar to making a life choice, and doing it in a relaxing way.

If you cry, its fine.
If you laugh, it makes you feel happier.
If you're happy, then you're happy.

There's many things. In a way, it's settling, to thinking through things, to the end solution(s), (cleared up thought(s)).

A sign of relief (thought), is an amazing moment/feeling.

May you find your time to reflect, even for a few minutes, out of your time.

Take care,
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