Monday, 13 July 2015

The Day When Someone Asked...

"How do you have time to read all of them?..."

At the time, I was getting the Twilight book(s). And I just thought, "what do they mean?".

They were a shop assistant, and during lunch time in Sixth Form, I decided go to the shop.

After being asked this, I thought it may be from the items I needed, for my art project.

This could relate to the post 'Sunday'.

Apart from my illnesses, I had to find time to take a step back. From the revising to the planning of the lessons I was taking, I needed to organise a time around myself.

It was nice when I could get these days.
I did manage to finish the book(s). My time management was good enough (lolls). And, I set everything for myself, and for as much things that I could do.

It's always good to know when " stop", and when " go".

* " There's a time to stop, and a time to go".

And, that's what helped me through my work and my own time.

I honestly wish I had tips to say, but everyone will have their own methods of downtime.

May you always find yours.

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