Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New Video + Selective Collection

A new video with an improvised drawing, plus music used was done by NCB17 [link].

Selective Collection

As you may have, or not seen, I'm still selecting my most favourite, in a way, selectives, etc. (Related to 'My Selection Of The Collection').

Recent Selection: #TheTights

This can be seen on my:

*both linked to pages

No worries if you can not view them, they are:
- Free by newsletter (company)
- It shows the link to what I selected

Any further questions, feel free to contact [link].

May you feel free to keep updated, and feel free to like.

What's your most improvised sessions? Plus, what's your favourite thing so far? (This day, or any)?

Thank you, and may you take care.

P.s - I am thinking of doing personal blogging. So this may come soon. No worries.
Take care.

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