Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Homeless Art

A few days ago, I noticed there were two homeless guys drawing.

What they were drawing, was really good. They drew with pencil, they had crumpled paper, and a plastic file thing (don't know the name) folders.
They looked so good.

I noticed they drew 'Monster High', a dragon tattoo style and some others.

To include, there was another homeless guy and girl (I don't know whether she was), but they had their cup of tea (shop one's) and sat and talked.
Plus, there was another guy, he's either sad, or looked suspicious. No assumption.

All this got me thinking:
1. If they could get to a library
2. If they had a place to sell as prints

I guess it may help them.

However, the more I thought I questioned, do they know they could get arrested?
Do the know there's things that could help them?

In the UK, the Homeless could get arrested. This is due to people complaining, the homeless bring down the cities look.

I understand this.
Although, if the city keeps developing, then who's helping the homeless?

If anything:
1. There's some good and bad homeless people
2. The homeless needs to know there is support for them

If they don't know, they'll still be there.

Through all this, I'm glad I took the time to look.

So I ask you, What are your thoughts on the homeless?
What do you think if they had a shadowed talent?

(Shadow talent = showcasing or not showcasing talent)

Feel free to say.
Thank you!

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