Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Headache Hours

For the past days, I've been suffering from a headache. Migraine.

It lasted 3 days, but I'm OK for now.
I always joke that I should just call this blog, 'The Illness Diaries' but it wouldn't go with the things I try to do.

Anyway, I said I'll do a blog post for now when it lightens up, and I do still feel headaches but, it's manageable to do things in a way.

Apart from this, I do worry like before, if this would effect my work performance.
Seeing as past times, it always does. And for reality in a job world, it did effect me badly lasting the same 3 days. This was from the worse headache.

The Worst Headache...
Is when you you feel sick, get bedridden, and feel ultra dizzy. I guess this is why they call it severe migraine.
I have this illness.

The Lighter Headache...
This is slight dizziness, work performance can be confusing, and it takes a lot of effect to stand - unbalanced.

This is what I had for the past 3 days.
So, this is a little insight to where I've been. 

I always try to be calm, see through the hours - like today - to see whether I am able to do anything. Recovery hours. Then I use what I have that could calm me down. Even the one's I know.

The most one's that help are:
- dark room
- movies/videos (eg. YouTube)
- drawing/painting

Plus, I try to eat what I would like to try and eat.
It always feels like I'm full along with, a hot feeling temperature. But it's not true. It feels like a simulation in a way.

Therefore, the results of today, and blogging at this moment.

Take care, and for yourself in these times.

Until next time,

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P.s - Happy Easter. 
Ever heard 'My Neighbour Totoro'...? 

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