Monday, 6 April 2015

Along With Designing...

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I love creating graphics.

Just like some of the background and some images you may have seen, I styled them.

It's creative, it's fun and it's different. Many ways to make something. Many ways to add a little to my work.

Although I'm not a professional at it, I love doing it.

When I first did it at school, for IT (Information Technology, or ICT - Information Computing Technology - so...much...terms), I loved playing with it. And when it came to personal projects, I would go excited and just do what ever (along with the topic).

Anyway, that's a little thing on the side. However, career wise still aiming towards (now direction set), to become a fashion illustrator.

I'm going to be honest, I'm not good at sewing and I'm never good at pattern cutting. It's difficult, and I've never been so frustrated about doing something like that in my whole life...let alone life matters. Another story.

So, I leave you with this blog and another love. Here to say, feel free to view my gallery on:

I may have more graphics, than my designs, but I found it easier to showcase graphics (media set) to showcasing my designs. *hummm*.

Anyway, take care.
PS. Later on, there shall be another instalment of Living, Writing + Posting. May you feel free to view.

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