Wednesday, 1 April 2015

For This Month...

Living, Writing + Posting.

Last month was designing, which I didn't say because I was thinking a way to show them. I found the solution, but putting it into action failed.

When there's things you feel like doing, it has to flow into action.

Anyway, this month is going to Living, Writing + Posting. For anyone who knows this, to people who may not know, it is diary entries. From books from Primary School to now.

It shall be later on, on this day 1st April. So, feel free to come back or follow this blog, google plus or twitter to keep updated.

I hope you will love this continuation. And I'll be sure to return to showcasing designs. 

Hopefully a hint for next month, is promotions.

For a heads up, a next-gen artist I'll be showcasing next month for my blog.
Their name is NCB17.

Keep updated to them by:

Hope you enjoy, and I shall get back into blogging as much as I am possibly available.

Thank you for reading or viewing.
Take care.

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