Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top 3 Videos...

Started blog post from: (28/02/2015)

March: Week 1....

There's no links to the videos I watched, from that week...?! Tut.

However, the one's I'm interested in are:
- Tomodachi Life
- Sims 4
- Vine (something, where all viners - new word...? - are featured in the video).
- vlogs

* should have said let's plays, but some.... I WOULDN'T STEP UP TO WATCH! I don't mind the back story though. Hmm....

So, these are my favourites now. I guess. No matter what I'm trying to say, I love watching them because they're so different, (and a wish if I could do).

So, take care readers and viewers.

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