Wednesday, 18 March 2015


(Started from: 21/12/2014)

*may not be suitable for everyone

1. With Or Without You
By Sophie Kinsella
Got me straight back into to reading. Some cringe parts, but loved the story.

2. Sundowners
By Lesley Lokko
No spoiler, but one part nearly made me cry....

3. The Hunger Games
By Suzanna Collins
As for the movie, the book got me hooked.

4. Twilight Saga
By Stephenie Meyer
Author = genius!
(Thought this would be the first listed...).

5. Scarlet Feather
By Maeve Binchy
This book was straight forward, plus it's a short story.


6. Divergent
By Veronica Roth
Recently read and it's super unique. Love it and it really opened my eyes more to life and future really. No spoilers. Plus, the movie(s) 'avoid' the story. I find it creative. Whole-slightly-new-visual/story.

7. Uglies
By Scott Westerfeld
Based before The Hunger Games, this book has so much uniqueness it made my mind go into daydream + imagery mode. Good read.... No spoiler, *could cry now remembering it...*

*some of these have my opinion.

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