Friday, 27 February 2015

Wishlist #1

'To The Beach' Selections....

As a new blogger to etailPR [link], I'm starting out by doing a wishlist.

The strap selection and pattern, I love them. As you may know, I love anything unique.

Although these are Aztec influenced, I looked for ones which go with the tile print trend. I saw these and they're colourful. I would relate these to Spring/Summer (S/S).

 Something for the children. These flip flops with a little accessory, are a unique find. This colourful heart is a craft side coming out for me, plus the colour I felt would go for them sunny days.   


Ipanema's factory, was established in 1971. For their country of origin, they are from and based South of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro. The brand represents the spirit and causal side of Brazil, plus the Brazilian people.

With this, they work alongside sister sites called Mel [link] + Melissa [link] which makes their shoes in the same way to represent Brazil too.

Also, they're named after Ipanema Beach in Brazil for their music, which was made famous by the bossa nova rhythm within the 1960s. However, by 2001 the Ipanema brand was created. From this, the vibrant atmosphere of their beach and colours came out within their shoes. Along with socialising and a nice view that the beach offers.

Underneath, their shoes relate to the tile walk along the Ipanema beach. 

So, from factory to brand, to this day they value that from making their shoes for customers in Brazil, to customers worldwide, from Europe, UK, US, etc.

Other than this, they create their shoes using 100% recycled PVC, which can be used over again. This means no rubber were in the making of their products. This values as a good set towards the environment, and less to their carbon footprint. 

The company, chooses to invest in new technologies and materials, such as patent items that help with recycling and to use within their product. The product they use within their production, are recyclable or reusable. This allows 99% no waste going into the environment.

They especially value their Amazon rainforest, And allow their employees to have good working standards. For country values on working life, they go with the legislations (laws set) for their company.

Their future and sociality with their economy, are within their factories. They based them within the North of Brazil, and thrive to put what they have made and established, back into their community. 

They're growing worldwide with their shoes, allowing people to enjoy the beach, street and fashion catwalks with their product. 

About Ipanema [link
More Info [link]

've not done one of these wishlists before, but always wanted to try. Especially a virtual one (I did a written one before, younger times).

Feel free to sign up at etail. Although its a start for me, I hope you will enjoy doing things with them too. Sharing for giving.

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