Saturday, 28 February 2015


It started with tweeting...
Now I love to set my own trend, more openly.

Here we go with life stories...
When I was younger, it felt like you needed to 'follow' trends. But, I never felt like I wanted to. I used to come up with my own.

Felt weird going against what everyone liked. And to this day, I still don't. I follow my own. Although, I keep on top on what's new. With this, like noticing with designers, it's about creating something different even if it's a similar trend.

My Views...
Trend for me, is the next craze for people to enjoy. Nope.... A trend, a similar thing still comes back in fashion. The only difference, is the difference which they may have made in their own way. Some are the same, some are unique.

With anything, anyone can set a trend in their own way with anything and any profession. It's amazing as a creator to think and come up with something in your own way, with anything. Also, with anyone (sharing ideas, etc).

It's what happens, and it's great to see something new or, something similar made different.

Makes it amazing. Thats my view. What's your view?

Take care viewers + readers,
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