Sunday, 15 February 2015

Unemployment V Employment

For anyone who knows about applying for a job, it's a difficult progression onto the next "level".

You either get it or you don't.

I've had so many rejections. However all have been good to say 'sorry' and 'good luck'.
Not all reply back.

The first one I got was from McDonalds. They sent a rejection letter. But, it was the nicest I've ever heard. I applied, because I saw the vacancy. Knew full well I couldn't work there (illness and heat, equals bad). I applied anyway. End of story.

Nowadays, I don't feel bad getting a rejection letter, plus no hear back from dropping off CVs. It's a process all companies face. So many applications, only so many can get employed.

My overview would be to look out for how many times the same application comes up, while you're searching for a job. It's maybe due to the company, or the performance of the person.

It is always hard to get into work if you've not done it before, or haven't for a long time. It can be difficult to not do nothing from being unemployed. I know.

Although, it can be different when someone has worked all their life. I see them as do good and as an inspiration.

My idea of work:

1. Yes it pays the bills, but do you enjoy doing it...? It's great to know that people enjoy their job, it's part of their life.

2. If I get back into employment (I'm category unemployed now), it would be customer led or the most want, a freelance designer job.

3. Willing to work to help others. I've seen volunteering jobs, but haven't been successful to get any. Otherwise, it shows me that most people will do the sane things as you for a good cause. I love that.

4. Overshadowed work. This is a metaphor. It means, you could be earning, but what from and what for? When you lose site of the job description you're doing and focus more on money. It covers what you should be thinking, then what you are given. You're a help to the company, who started the business.

5. Worried of unemployment. It can happen until another contract or internal application gets approved. It's a tough one, but I would say always have a back up plan. And here I am telling you this.

Unemployment doesn't have to seem bad, it's only what the word says. I found unemployment overwhelming and at a bad time, I got depressed due that and things in life. There are chances to do and be better for yourself, and even around others. There's always ways to make a difference.

This does not stop your job searches, but I read never to do to much or it'll feel like a job. No matter how much you want a job, others will want that same job with you. Never feel discouraged, and take time to search.

Plus, if you get access to any uses for updates, there are job websites and company websites to help you. I've seen some under 'careers' heading, job search, jobs, job application, etc.

Keep an eye out for applications where ever you may be, and feel good if or if not you get a job.

It's a process we may all face,
Take care.

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