Friday, 13 February 2015

Drained By Life...

Sorry for people who may have been are are homeless. Don't we wish we could help all. So, we decide to make a change bit-by-bit.

Rambling, but true said.
I feel drained (own fault I guess), because I went to bed late. It's like the time when I read Twilight, one of the two last one's (Eclipse/Breaking Dawn). That's not happened in ages.

Unless the time when I watched The War Of The World's for English class, or having a scary dream...freaky times.
So back to subject, I went to bed late. I was up. And I feel weird, dizzy and fed up.

What happened...?!
Anyway, hopefully doing edits today if I can.

It's raining, so no boxes removal today.
Plus, I've been thinking if anyone knows how to sell things. From last year, my projects have flourished in the ways I wouldn't have known.

It would be nice to give something back to viewers, also any asks for personalised one's.

I've searched, researched and nothing sounds good. For sure I can share, I searched the top best sellers and that was the one I wanted to do in the first place - the tshirt club. Catch a gleamse in my gallery: keelo15's Gallery [link].

Hope you're all well.
Days for days.

Take care readers,
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