Monday, 9 February 2015

Something for the Spec-taculars + Thank You for the Viewers...

I wrote this on a headache, so I'll be quick and try my best.

Spec- tacular posts is set to return, on here Posting V Projects. Trying to get hands on planning and finding time (health is a pain) to bring it back to how it was before, in a way.

For anyone who knows, I apologise but it's been a long time coming. Hope this blog isn't long for all of you.

For anyone who doesn't know it, it is a set of designs to graphics, (that had a short text with every image to say so). It was simple and just lovely to do and showcase designs in a way, to create different trends than the trends that come out.

No kidding, I do keep up with knowing trends, but this comes with forecasting and as a fashion designer, you will have to keep up-to-date with all things fashion, due to people's wants. Trust me, it helps. Clothing makes an outfit, right?

So, a Spec-tacular return shall be set soon. I get the updates, I'm on top of all things fashion (newsletters help) and not to give it away, but I'm in 2016 now....

All a go, go now.

Also, for 'FluffyStars' campaign [link], Spec-tacular shall still campaign in aid of British Heart Foundation. It shall be fun to see what comes out with it.

Plus, if you have any designs, graphics or so, feel free to get involved. It'll be a great help to the charity I'm campaigning for.

Otherwise, my viewers I thank you so much. This blog has reached 600+. Woop, woop!

I don't mind how small the viewers may be. I don't mind if its a glance (although I hope it gets saved, lollz). And I love the comments left. May not be on all blog posts, but all things start from somewhere, so thank you.
I try my best to keep updated with this blog.

Anyway, take care all and there's so much to accomplish. I'll do my best. It's better than not doing nothing, right...?

Anyway, out for out.

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