Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I've been putting off this blog for ages, so here it is....

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There has been a few difficulties, being I'm not well most of the time, I've been having toothache(s) and if I get access to the internet then I could use it.

The most pain is toothache which started last year. Within that time I did see the dentist. Unfortunately, it has returned.
To say this, it is my wisdom tooth.

This hopefully is my last tooth, but there is a complication that it is growing slanted. Sorry for the "gore", but it pushes against my other tooth which is why I'm in pain.

Through this, it makes my headaches (migraines) worse.

It's a luck I get to do this blog post today.
What I've mostly been doing, is trying to stay calm and distract myself away from the pain.

Staying calm is one of my continued resolution from last year. It's actually working, plus I remember the benefit. (I get anxiety, so this way helps me. If so, it could help you too. Anything can make us have anxiety).

To share, what I do and what I've been doing (mostly) is:

- watching YouTube videos
My favourites are gaming and vlogs. I love racing games and 'free roam' games as they call it. I'm into Sims a lot, but racing is my favourite.

- Doodles
Feel free to search on for my characters. To be continued....

The Fall. The Fail(ing...?):
I'm wishing, wishing, WISHING to start support for '[CODE] Name: FluffyStars' campaign [link]. It is in aid of the British Heart Foundation. This is in memory of DD (Dad), who pasted away unexpectedly in 2010 (I'm OK, here now. Grieveing is hard in many ways...). Nearly 5 years this year *shocked face*....

For other things, my health gets in the way of things too much. The horrible thing is, if I push myself through the illness, I get more ill than better.

It happens sometimes.
We have to take our time with things.

I've been battling with my illness for years, so it takes more time to do things.

So, I leave you with a few things you could view to know what I get up to. (I, I, much I. Ha!).


Feel free to view, share and comment. You're always welcome to do so.

Take care readers,

Out of action for a while.... Meh.

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