Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Personal V Work

*At the time, I needed a break badly. Few corrections. My grammar is bad, trust me. - 21/12/2014.

What should I say to this...?
Oh please, give me time off!

There's too much, in a little time.
My work suffers because of my health, time and a will to do it right. I love mistakes (good one's) and they make your work showcase the difference of where your work started.

Doing personal blogs at the moment, and would defiantly love feedback. Whether it should be relating to my work or show the down to earth side on top of my work. Or both. (Down to Earth is winning at the moment).

Professional driven, I do, because I like to get my work out there and it's focused. So, with personal, it shows that work sometimes is not all fun, fun, fun, has a 'story', a person behind them. So, yeah, doing that.

Feedback much needed (only just started this blog, wow).

*More to be showcased soon.
*Need to let all projects blend together.

Take care and enjoy your reading!

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