Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Music To Inspire...

With some of my work, I get inspired by music.

This is when, you could be listening to music and it allows you to form artwork, (poems, etc). This could be such a new form to how, and what the work could look like.

I love it.

The most that inspire me are theatrical and music with a good rhythm. So, this could be classical to rock music.

Plus, lyrical music.

With music videos, I love to see what they may come up with the tune. I love costume and scenery. Whether it was created or being outside.

My love for costume is how they could be structured and could be different to normal wear clothing. Even relating to what it's being created for like music, theatre, etc.

Scenery, is a different form, obvious. However, where ever the place or set (theatre show) it can impact the scene a lot. Example, create a desert scene with an inspired sandy clothing with orangy-mustard yellow. There's the scene set. Along with the look of heat and if it's truly a hot day/set, then heat waves bring out the image. Classic I would call it. Commonly used, but made in different ways.

What I see is a photography set, to seeing on a theatre stage, and this could be set as real or showcased as a design. All the fun, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. A bit scrambled but, expressive I guess.

Take care,
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