Friday, 16 January 2015

Update: Online Scrapbook

Heys, and welcome to another blog post.

[Image link]

I just wanted to add and let you of my online scrapbook. It's featured on my dA (deviantArt) page [link] + [website link].

It means a great deal (to have it and use it) to be able to just store sketches as such, before an actual drawing may come out of it.

It's 50% out of good (other being wants to get on with your work + wanting to showcase).

But hope you will take a look (even a glimpse), and may you enjoy the rest.
It's pretty stacked. Shows how much I get done....

Anyway, I'll leave links and may you take care.
And in due time, I've started to design some things. Hopefully shall get them done and stacked, so that it's more easier to know what is what. Mega confusing, but folders help I guess.

Also, I'll be posting:

What could help creators block. Getting help from contacts and (now clear) past experiences, that'll be in a blog post.
It's so weird (creators block), but at least with that you'll able to think what can help. What helped in due course, was my notes I do here and there.

Alright, getting long and babbling. Hey, it's a blog right...?

Hope to post again soon,

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