Monday, 19 January 2015

Creators Block...?

Recently, I got creators block.
It was bad, but it helped to think what and where I could get ideas from.

I didn't have the internet, and I wasn't able to go out at the time, so I just looked at what I got.
I found my notes. I make notes whenever an idea or something I see or 'hear', in a way comes to mind.
This helped to save and inspire my next creation.

Here are little solutions I thought:

by Kunzai

- making notes
digital or paper, every little DOES help. Remember to have a pencil or pen to hand too.

- looking through past work
Whether it was finished work or start of something that didn't go to plan (it happens). It's good to look back on them and it may even spark up the creation you once had at that time.

by Tamile

- Indoors. Outdoors.
Going for a walk or just looking around, is great for viewing new things or things you've never noticed before. I always focus on the detail or change of things. It's different and I add it or it inspires my work newly or further in new thoughts.

- library, books + computers
Simple...more to inspire you. Still glad we're able to take out books, but the use of the computers to the internet, is great as ever. It's always good before or after to book a computer. Within that time, you're able to look around and maybe find some books or information.

Hope this helps, and if you have anymore helpful tips please feel free to share or comment.

Take care,

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