Tuesday, 13 January 2015

These Days...

I'm having a hard time blogging due to items not working well.
It makes me feel isolated and so down to not be able to share what I may like to.

In my posts, there is a lot that may need publishing (draft). But not being able to do the posts how I may want to, makes it (sadly) feel pointless.

There's so much that I would like to share, but there's not much formats (items) that I could use. My thought.

I could take pictures of artwork, but I love showing the details.

I could post what I have, but then I can't keep track of which posts is good to 'what did I post'.

*Mostly I like to read through everything, before a post, during and after it's posted. Wouldn't like to post it straight away, then it might not make no sense.

It's good to look back on what has been accomplished. It gives a boost of 'I did that'.
Sets confidence.

So, if you have any best ways of  blogging and sharing, feel free to comment. It'll help so much.

Take care.
And this is the 'debate' within Posting V (Doing) Projects.


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