Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Coming Back

(From: (13/01/2015))

A Few Blogs That Never Made It

About two years a go, I created some blogs. They were to go with the name(s) and project(s), I am currently updating to this day.

Although the blog posts (and updating it) didn't go well, I've been able to combine them with a project(s).

This has been fantastic, due to some work leaving behind others. So this allows them to blend into the other work.

Success blogs are: mostly spec-tacular which was surprising, because of the many views that new or previous viewers may be seeing. Which is so great.

The other is Living, Writing + Posting. I loved/love that blog because it's personal, and down to earth. I found it as a way to get in touch with real matters, plus share my blog/work write ups.

Posting on these blogs have ended. However every feature on these blogs, shall feature on this blog.

How the years change.

Take care reader and viewer. Have a really nice day.
I'll certainly try.

Posting V Projects

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