Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Blog Share Tag

This tag has been created by the lovely Professional Daydreamer

These are the questions....

Where did you find this tag?
On Professional Daydreamer (blog), through Beau Bloggers (link)

What's your blog about?

It mostly started as a diary blog, then a illustrative blog to a graphics blog. Now it's a mixture of projects (work) and life.

Why did you start your blog?

It was a place I wanted to keep all my written entries. Now I share them who may read my blog.

What is your favourite topic to write about?

My favourite one is the 'Location + Clothing' feature (relate to blog entry). It mostly focuses on any clothing I like in season or overall and chooses, fantasy or real locations. Plus, I get to research places and use resources. It's fun.

Do you have a blogging routine?

No. But one day I hope I could. All I do now, is what I can do. Sometimes I get ill, sometimes I'm fine and sometimes things have to get done to be done (sounds like a phrase)....

What bloggers Inspire you?

Mostly Ophelia Overdose (blog link) and new talents (such as Beau Bloggers, link). They're an example of good creativity mixed with bringing others together. It's more down-to-earth than mainstream, which makes it more 'realistic' to be a person.

What bloggers have you been made aware of since starting your blog?

Lauren (link), Izzy K (link), Sophie In Wonderland (link) + new addition (recent view) Professional Daydreamer (link)...loads more blog follows also (sorry for not mentioning some)

What resources do you use to promote your blog?

Twitter (@Pukka01, link), Google + (+xImmortalMindsx, link) and a bit on deviantArt (@keelo15, link)

Do you see any improvement on your blog since you started it?

Yes. More viewers from the help of Beau Bloggers (link). Can't thank enough.

What are your favourite type of blog posts to read?

Anything with lifestyle, or getting to know project insights and new things. Enjoying them.

So..., I shall set this as a forward tag for you also.

If you do one, please leave a link in the comments, especially add or mention Professional Daydreamer's blog (link) whichever platform you may use (shall view if you do one too).

Remember to check out Professional Daydreamer's Blog

Thank you for viewing
Peace + Love

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