Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year!
May this year be really great for you and many a like.

Now, what's in store...?

By NB2

More designing
I miss it. The other day I was thinking this, and honestly have not done none in a while, yet showcasing.

More diary entries
The updates on this have been slim, but hopefully I could continue to get back into the strive and showcase to you what really goes on or personally in my life...long time a go to now.
May seem boring though, but views of things help too.

These are just a few I would love to focus on this time of year.

- Update on videos
- Create or use custom music
- Personal graphics

May you have a great new year + 2015 seems like a more busy one

Posting V Projects
By N. Dylans + Co, 2014

Take care, enjoy + peace

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