Saturday, 15 July 2017


Lately, I've been getting back into reading my bible.
To be honest, I forgot about it, didn’t feel like to read in general – though it's mostly at my side. 

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Along with learning to pray each day, it's nicer to get back into reading.

I started reading my bible, when I wanted to know more about the LORD (GOD). 
It's a steady process for anyone, but it can be done.
I like to read my bible all heartly, than to JUST read it, and that’s it. I want to understand each word. Reading heartly for myself, is when I'm ready to sit down, and just read it - no distractions.

The bible to me is sacred, I get a feeling of wholeness – it’s more heartfelt, ‘cos I lost my Dad [link] - and discovery.
Some words in the bible, are sometimes things that get me mad, just of what others did in them times. But, a story needs to be told. Every good, from bad times. And good, on good times.

This is my personal view. I know I'll have difficulty finishing it, remembering words, etc. - dyslexia and memory -, but I feel glad to read it in my own time - as in, not JUST in bible study, own personal learning, etc.
As they say, getting closer to the LORD.

A fellow blogger who is doing exceptionally well, with their readings, thoughts, etc. 
by Harrieex, G+ [link] Blog [link] [link]
Feel free to view. It’s also a beautiful, understandable blog(s).

I'm done.

Take care,

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