Friday, 28 July 2017


FIG1: this only sums up what I thought. I honestly don't know if it makes sense, or not. Ha.

I've been thinking today, that 1. I wouldn't talk about this, and 2. I wouldn't know how to say it.

Hope this is clear enough. But, if I were to mention it to you, it would be, money isn't the most important thing to have, or earn. Take money, and see it as paper/plastic. It doesn't have its own worth - produce on it's own -, because it only has a print, hologram on it, history figure, etc - not to mention, THEY have THEIR own worth, for their services. I honestly love these people, and thank ANYONE, who remembers/reminds us of them.
The only way money has use, is to be put back into something of worth, than needs. Or as a collectors item. It's more fun to do these things.

Like everything, it gets learned now, or later. However, I'm starting to get desensitized to things that shouldn't matter, more than how people live. There's greater things that are more important, than "it's going to cost a lot".

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What's your thoughts on money?
There's so many things said, but I still get more desensitized, due to how it makes others feel, and some of their DREAMS, being wasted.

That's all I guess. There's too much topic on it, from how many years - history.
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