Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lifestyle: OUT ON YOUR OWN

Lifestyle: "PLOWING ON"
FIG1: meditation [link]

14th Apr 2017, Fri - 18th Apr 2017, Tue

Within March, I did a post [link] that talked about feeling lost. I am  nearly out of that stage.
I found some “outlet” - I guess drawing, writing, web searches (random images), etc. - so, I'm just in a better mood.

From these few days it hasn't been good, but not as bad as it was then - a lot worse to be honest. BUT my “lost” stage has been mostly overcome.

Lifestyle: OUT ON YOUR OWN
FIG2: wallpaper [link], YouTube [link], pen and paper [link], blog post [link], Bing [link], poem [link], bass [link] [link], window [link], reminder [link] [link]

I guess this may be an update for me, and you. As a reminder to myself, in general. Far from that day, I did well to get out of that.
Possibly, I may have found a way to “get out if the lost feeling” too. I ask myself “what can I do by myself now, that will help me”.

My Go To(s):
  • Bing (“random images”)
  • YouTube(rs channel(s))
  • Pen and paper
  • Blog posting

Take care, and feel free to tell your times, or if so, what gives you temporary support/help.

Thanks for reading,

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