Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Suggestion?: DIARY CARRIER

Looking back on this post : [LINK], I realised I have a diary entry blog. - livingwritingandposting.blogspot.com.

For postingvprojects.blogspot.com

I haven't really uploaded to it, due to not knowing how to showcase my entries right now. The entries,  I would like to take a picture, and upload a post, but of course I don't have good quality.
I want every post to be readable.

For postingvprojects.blogspot.com
So, I'm asking for a suggestion. Either get a better camera, or "use this, it'll help" the ones I want to take (diary entry).

Idea Consideration:
- pages/written wording
- A5(?)-A4 size paper

Feel free to help. Thank you!

Take care,

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