Thursday, 16 February 2017

Lifestyle: LIFE UPDATE

Hi bloggy,

Well long time no see.
To my readers, I welcome you. To my current following, HELLO! Haha.

FIG1: -, -, -
Life has thrown me a "Get Well Soon" card.
I'm back into looking for work.
I'm back into a "stable" mental state, of just designing what I see (visualise). I would say this is all great...

...but it's not.
My "Get Well Soon" card is torn up.

Why, does health have to be visible? Doesn't it make it too late...?

I'm at this stage where it's "push, to be pushed".
All in my head, I say..." It doesn't work that way".

FIG2: -, -
I hear the voices of, "oh, she's faking it".
My view is, " read up first, before assuming". "See the facts, before you judge".

In my mind, is saying, " if you're not a doctor, I don't need to explain to you".
Sounds vicious.
I'm tired of fakes, abuse (emotionally), and...not trying to understand. You know this?

I say it all the time.

Hi, I have:
- depression
- anxiety
- severe migraine

FIG3 REF.: -, -

And the rest, is due to circumstances.

I am here.
I don't need to be pushed. I need to be understood.

This is me.

If you're me, or know anyone, or even just hear this, PLEASE understand, try.

Take care,

Secret Comment:
"I got you"
(means, in slang: I understand, I'm with the same thought)

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