Monday, 19 December 2016

Lifestyle: WINTER HOPE

I was going to post early morning, but I ended up crying. I couldn't do it.

Right now, theres so much Christmas/holiday spirit, but I'm just "moepping" about. I'm not as happy about it as I was, like last year, for example.

Theres still "silly" stuff to do, you know, "life issues".

I love everyone who's stable this Christmas, and it just brings joy mostly. All I can do is just see, and pray for things to be ok for people, including myself in that.

We're struggling, but we can always see the brightside. It's always there, keeping our eyes out for hope.

I thought I would blog misery, but I love the happiness instead. I feel fine about that more.

Everyone to feel happy.

Take care, and have a great holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, any you celebrate.

Thank you for reading,


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