Saturday, 31 December 2016

Lets talk: 2016

So, first I live in the UK.

Happy New Year to anyone hours ahead.
So, 2016. Good? Bad? Weird as I may say. However I was glad to see the creations, the help and collaborations of others. I honestly wish I had a collection of them all. I WONT START!! I may get over the amount to show here. I like too much stuff. Ha.

For me, 2016 I would say has been hard. I may not have said, but I was tested if I have cancer in my brain. Anyone else had this? It came back negative. No worries.
It was harder, due to wanting to deal with it alone. Scared to worry anyone of course.
But how unnerving is that? Just to be tested, to hear the words to rule out "if you have cancer".

I'm honestly glad it's advance to just a sample test, but I thought, you know, for people who hear they do...heart stops for them.

It can be beaten. Needs strength, and early signs to treatment. Huff. I cant speak for everyone, sorry.

Anyway, I'm glad for others to do what they do well. I say goodbye in a way - how do you say goodbye to history...? Ha - but I can only peep round the corner, to view 2017.

It's a new year yes...but I have things planned out for myself already, you know, "adult stuff". Urggggh!!

Take care all, bless the year with your gummy-stringys and fireworks. I'm out.

Peace. Ha.


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