Thursday, 1 December 2016

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For starters,...I couldn't find it.

So, I may be starting these like I should of ages a go. I'm in the dark "writing" this, and I just want to explain so much.

No glitz and glamour, maybe, but just a real talk.

We start with an ending of an email,

"I do hope to solve these issues one day, but for now, i would love people to listen, than assume what i can and should be doing. It doesn't help me at all."

I "wrote" this up at night, because greatly, I'm giving up on some people.

Kind that others would say are shallow. But right now, I'm saying "hi" to others in my shoes.

The ones that find it difficult every morning.
The ones who can't step foot out the door.
The ones who feel strange/"want an escape root" from people, etc., etc.

I'm truly surprised we may not be understood. So, I'm standing up and saying that, don't see me for what you do see, ask me "am I OK?".

As for myself nowadays, I see it best to tell the truth about me, than to overshadow it. My depression used to shadow the truth like, " people won't listen", "your worthless", etc. I've learnt through therapy, them voices are not real.

And hello, i have a mental illness.
This occurs in so many ages, that I'm surprised we may not be getting the correct care. Life can not wait, but others do have to wait on us.

I feel like I'm seen as meat, than a person, and yes, that can be correct...but we're not animals - we pet & look after animals. Haha.

I'm saying, I'll be telling the truth in these posts.

You may not see images, fancy text - my glitz and glamour - but loads of people, including myself try so much everyday...I shall share my stories, one step each time.

I'll try.

Take care,

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