Monday, 19 September 2016

Lifestyle: Chilling Before The Winter

I'm just waiting for, the cold weather.
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I'm doing this post today, because I miss the community connections, and I'm stuck with my fashion illustrations, to just drawing anything.
My brain just feels exhausted, in so many human ways. Ex. emotionally, physically, etc.

I've been chilling yes, just indulging in rest, and breaks that I should have had ages ago.
It's like, from that September to October, 2015, I've been put out of happiness, and been left in misery. I'm tired honestly.
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So, before October, I'm hopefully chilling.
I'll try not to miss this Halloween, because me and Halloween mix...well, throughout the year is my Halloween. Ha.

My Twitter feed (, gets jam packed with updates...only when I'm well (I suffer with severe migraine + depression). So, no “plug” (introduction to my social media platform) intended, but I'd like you know, mostly what I'm doing.

Other than that, feel free to enjoy your time. Find a way, not to overwork yourself.
I don't know how to explain this, but it's better than feeling the horrible, HORRIBLE effects later.

I'm here. I'll get better soon. I know I will.

Take care,


  1. So true that's why I take a break every chance I get. Nice post♡♡

    1. That's cool. And thanks for commenting, very much pleased :). Take cares.

  2. Try not to overwork yourself, it's important to rest. Glad you're trying not to miss halloween, it's amazing lol xxx

    1. Awesome to hear. And thanks for so, I'll trying very much. Haha.
      Take care, shall catch up with your posts and vids soon. They're always cool to say so :)