Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Update: xImmortalMindsx Is On The "Walk" Again...

*WARNING: Maybe long. Get your tea, biscuits, etc.*

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The "Walk" (not the movie), is like discovering, to my mind being absent, from what I should be doing.

This is first what I wanted to get out from doing the Halloween challenge in a good way, and second shows whether I can do the Challenge. So, this is slightly the result from that. Me, doing these updates, testing my mentally, to how creative I can be (using the talent I know).

I share this post here (above), because of how I've been feeling for the past days.

Plus, my inner thought just reminded me of my name - xImmortalMindsx.
Why I chose it, can just be explained half for Halloween reasons and how I love immortal things. (Even if I know in religion now, it is classed as bad things, not to do it, but of unnatural things). Doesn't make sense does it?

This post is expressing this, and I'm fine with it.
To explain, September, I planned all these Halloween posts (31), and even over the amount to this day.

I have so much to share, but like I always say, due to my illness I have to limit myself, or it limits me. - severe migraine + depression. [I said how many times I'm going to explain how or why I have this illness, have I done it? Nooo].

Anyway, before I go on my stories, I just wanted you to know this. I wanted to show the inner workings of my mind, and I wanted you to know how it can be different to everyone else's.

I am different, and I know this, but I've always wanted to showcase it in another way.
If I can't show or tell people physically, then I'll do a collection, as a blog(s).

I found it again.
I know who I am, what I can be and what I can do.
I just have some things that stop me sometimes, and that's OK.

If this blog doesn't make sense, then it's ok. I love that, and that is me, the nonsense one.

xImmortalMindsx expresses me, and my mind for immortal things. 1) I love the creation, 2) it's not my real name, of course, but I created it years a go, for YouTube mostly, just glad I can use it for Google, and 3) it showcases the inner workings of my mind as said.

I'm being honest, but I feel I'm not being honest enough, again I'm sure I said it before. 

I love when MY blogs go to the extent that it gets into nonsense things. I go off topic sometimes, but that's alright. I bring it back to a conclusion at the end.

I've always wanted to write everything, but I forget what my blog(s) are truly for. They're for me, from me, and extra, for you to view.

I know some others may not like it, and I love my followers or anyone who reads this blog (2 followers. Let alone I have an "addition" to make).

2 years I've been constantly, as I can, showcasing which I call it towards blogging, and I'm grateful I can take courage to use this platform to showcase anything. Why did I forget that? (Jeez, I'm really on a walk).

My walks from childhood, teenage times to now have been sketchy. At the end I always realise I have to be myself, I have to take pride in what I do, I need to love my changes to my changes that make me happy.

I get oppressed A LOT. From childhood to now, I'm really fighting to stay as myself.

Like I said in a last post, I get misunderstood a lot. So, maybe that's why others (not now) see me as a "threat", (whatever that means).
When I'm quiet, I'm quiet.
When I can't take it anymore, I tell what is on my mind, because it effects me in a way, that I feel is not natural.

This blog it turning into a story, and I hope I remember to put that at the start.
[I love YouTube vids for 1hr. I watched a 3hrs one yesterday, by Geek Remix. It was intense, and I mean the content not watching it. I guess we may forget there is a pause button to play button, lolls...same here. Guilty!].

Anyway, I do hope this post makes sense. If I didn't check over for myself, I would press 'publish'. Phew.

I'm sorry again. But I needed to get myself back again. I guess thanks to the Halloween challenge + others. I'm grateful.

Calculation time...bear with me, if there'll be another post.
Take care for now, excitement overload.


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