Friday, 2 October 2015

Day 2: McCoy's V ASDA Baby Lotion

* Today, I was having difficulty whether to review the McCoy's Crisps, or the ASDA Baby Lotion. REALLY TERRIBLE!!
Otherwise, here it is:

Favourite: McCoy's Thai Sweet Chilli/McCoy's Thai Sweet Chicken

Available as a set, with Mexican Chilli + Sizzling King Prawn, it is strong, but nice to taste.
When I say strong, the flavour, never mind the 'chilli', lights up the taste buds

- Rate: 7/10

ASDA: Little Angels - Baby Lotion

For the autumn weather, it soothes and moisturises the skin, feeling it for hours.
The downfall is, it may feel pasty, however the skin feels intact (whole, all together)

• ASDA The Skin System Aloe Vera Body Lotion [if avavailable]
• ASDA The Skin System Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

- Rate: 7/10

* Disclaimer *
I am in no way sponsored, or told what to say about these items. What I say is from my own opinion. Thank you.

Any thoughts? Have any other items to recommend?
Feel free to let me know, in the comments section. Or contact me at:

Take care for now,
(Hope you liked my first review).

- (Part Of) 31 Days Of Halloween
- Day 1...[link]

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