Thursday, 6 August 2015


I'm black, known as black-carribbean, and known as afro-caribbean.
*images contained on the website, maybe be unsuitable for sensitive view

I did live in Jamacia...

However, for my music test(s), actions and attitude...many people don't understand.

They think and wonder why, I'm not listening to reggae...I don't dislike it.

They wonder and think about drugs...I would not go near it.

They wonder how I dress...many coloured skinned people don't dress up, like how they think they would.

Most, and many more things...just equal to stereotyping.

It is difficult.

When I was a teenager, it was hard to get past the laughs, the criticism and people who thought I was weird.

Although in my mind, I thought, "They'll understand in their own time".

From seeing others, encouragement from friends, some family (they are proud),  and being bullied (Primary School), I always learned to think, people will understand things when they're ready.

All the music, labels (prints, shops) and places I've seen, are in the public eye.

I do wonder if they understand now (stereotyping). It was just a fraction of, 'I wasn't the only one'.

Don't daunt on it. You'll see the results in time.

I hope this post made sense. And thank you for reading.
Take care,

P.s - xImmortalMindsx was from teenage me.

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