Friday, 21 August 2015

Collab Thought...: Something Cute, 2015

I would like to collaborate. I've been thinking about this for a few months now.

So, whether be designer or hobbyist, etc., I would like yourself, or you and someone or so, to create a tshirt, purse or pattern design, etc.

The Theme Is:
Something Cute, 2015

End Date:
31st October

Sep/Oct 2015 (Collection)

Yourself, etc., with your (preferred) links/Info

Showcased On:
Blog, Art Website + Social Network Links

** I was asked where to submit your creations. This will be by:
- web link
- email me at:

Examples (link):

Free T-shirt Templates [link]

Free Clutch/Purse Template [link]

Repetitive Pattern [link]
* my favourite type, no worries.

It can be any form you would like, as long as it's Cute, lolls. Remember to have fun designing it.

Feel free to share, or say your thoughts. Plus, if you have any otherr info feel free to say.

Thank you, and may you take care.

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