Monday, 6 July 2015

I Have No Idea...?

I've written everything, I've completed a collection...but how do I share it on the internet?

For share, I mean showcase.
My ideas are there, however I'm trying to think of how to express, the same "burst" I had or have for doing what I do.

So far, I have this blog [link], a video channel [link] and an artist page [link]...but how do I showcase what I've done on the internet?

When I'm able to, I work better "behind the scenes", than I am able to showcase it. It feels like a dilemma. Another way to question, how can I showcase my work?


The campaign for the 'Surprise Further Ed-Gift' [link], is still running. May you feel free to support.
Nearly two weeks left - eek! Anyway, thank you always.


Through this, I think of people who may enjoy my work. I don't like to let people down.
By showcasing things, I would like it to encourage others, as I was and still am.

Another view of not showcasing is, it does create pressure each day, each time I finish a work, to just talking about it also. 

This makes me feel more of a failure, like I can't "function" like everyone else **(I try not to think about it. Others say I do so well, to others who say opposite).

I've not really chat about the "down times", when I feel difficulty in sharing anything I do. This is because I don't want to be honest about it. This may create a sudden "demand" to "have them".

'You must always protect your work'.

I have a few plans that may help me, and I have been thinking of times where I just want to talk. Isn't that what blogging is about?

I honestly hope if anyone reads this, they may be able to know or, may be even have the same problem? If there are times like this, what helps you?

I honestly hope I do more posts like this. I practically could say anything, but if only I could type (faster) than what I write.
Feedback is always welcome.

What makes a good blog? What makes your blog, a blog?

My answer would, myself + I. (Lolls,...but it's true).

Take care,
Posting V Projects

**"Take care" is starting to remind me of 'Garnier' (Health and Beauty Product)... :)

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